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AIFMD reporting IT technical guidance (rev 6)

Last Updated on March 4, 2024 by Arnaud Collignon

The IT technical guidance revision 6 will take effect starting from November 2023.

Revision 6 of the IT technical guidance introduces new validation rules, which will either make certain fields mandatory or impose stricter regulations to enhance data quality. Detailed information regarding these changes can be found in the ‘change history’ tab within the Excel document.

Entities responsible for reporting are required to utilize version revision 6 for submitting reports as mandated by Articles 3(3)(d) and 24(1), (2), and (4) of AIFMD, with a deadline set for November 2023. The initial reporting period is designated as Y1, H2, Q4, or X2 of 2023.

For registered AIFMs:

  • No update.

For authorized AIFMs, the following fields are now mandatory:

  • Field 185, “Value of unencumbered cash”.  Cash or cash-like securities not subject to legal claims by another party.
  • Field 283, “Unsecured borrowing amount”.
  • Field 284, “Collaterised/secured cash borrowing prime broker amount”.
  • Field 285, “Collaterised/secured cash borrowing reverse repo amount”.
  • Field 286, “Collaterised/secured cash borrowing other amount”.
  • Field 289, “Short position borrowed securities value”. This field is still optional in the Rev6 technical guidance but will be mandatory in the next coming weeks.

-> For each field, 0 is the default value if the fund is not concerned.

All new checks reflect what was already mentioned in the FAQ and therefore, were already implemented in our solution.

It’s important to note that IT technical guidance revision 6 supersedes the previously published IT technical guidance revision 5, which was issued in January 2023.

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