About CSSF S3

The CSSF deploys the S3 (Simple Storage Service) solution, an object storage system accessible via a web service interface for secure file exchanges.

In the CSSF S3 system, data is stored as objects organised within buckets. An object represents a file and includes associated metadata. Buckets, on the other hand, serve as containers for these objects. Each entity is connected to a dedicated bucket, which is further divided into two folders:

  • Submission: for the reporting files.
  • Feedback: for the feedback files.”

To use the S3 system, entities must undergo an enrollment process facilitated via eDesk. Here are the essential steps involved:

  • If not completed, the entity must create an “advanced user” through eDesk by submitting a “New advanced user request.” This advanced user will have the authority to approve or disapprove attachments from other eDesk users on behalf of the entity.
  • The advanced user can designate an “IT Expert” who will be granted the credentials to access the S3 solution.

For comprehensive details regarding eDesk authentication procedures, refer to the eDesk Authentication User Guide accessible on the eDesk homepage.

Our Solution – Features

  1. Multiple buckets & keys management

    Handle all your accesses and send all kinds of reports without updating the setup.

  2. High Security

    Keys are stored securely in your IT environment; the reports are sent directly through the CSSF without any intermediary.

  3. Checks

    Filenames and structures (XSD) of the files are checked before the filing, avoiding incorrect reports.

  4. Cost-effective

    Reduce drastically your filing cost.

  5. Intuitive User Interface

    The solution is easy for users to understand and use, with clear instructions and modern intuitive interfaces.

  6. Support

    Free, adequate support and helpdesk.

Reporting Covered

    • AIFMD Annex IV – AIFREP
    • U11, starting 1st of July 2024 (TBD) – U11REP
    • COREP, starting 1st of July 2024 (TBD) – COFREP
    • FINREP, starting 1st of July 2024 (TBD) – COFREP
    • KIID, starting 1st of July 2024 (TBD) – DOCREP
    • MiFIR, starting 1st of July 2024 (TBD) – TAFREP
    • MMF + crypto starting 2025 (TBD) – MMFREP


Discover our AIFMD Annex IV solution, for registered (XLS templates) and authorised AIFM (database extract):